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The Story of BALL2016 and the American Party Of America & THE AMERICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE -

Thank you for taking time to read a brief story about the American Party Of America sponsored by the 

THE AMERICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE. During 1995, then President Bill Clinton became the target of a criminal investigation into his dealings as governor of Arkansas and his associations with Washington

insiders to bring a New World Order to America.

Because the timing of events after the departure  of both  Presidents Reagan & Bush, America was once

again thrown into a never ending cycle of conflicts between the right and left spheres of politics and government influence most impacting on the Citizens of the United States and their children.  As a 

consequence the working families and children where put in compromising economic and financial duress.

The conditions that caused the economic meltdown since the election of Barack Obama can be traced directly to the policies of then President Bill Clinton.  Here in lays the challenge for America's families and children created by income inequality from the Billionaire class that funds THE CLINTON FOUNDATION!

Therefore, it was imperative that a response to these conflicts come forth to correct, to defend and to preserve the sanctity and security of the traditional heterosexual nuclear family. In this is the quest of

the AOA-ANC to elect candidates and recruit citizens for service to their Country, The United States of America!

Join us in this endeavor to see that our children have a fighting chance to survive and thrive in their neighborhood for their families and in the BEST INTERESTS OF THE FAMILY.  Because, the family is the basic unit of society and how the family goes, goes the country.  If we are not working in the family's BEST INTERESTS, then whose interests are we working? And if not for them, WHO?

It is obvious and totally unacceptable if not for them because it both raises questions of our ethics and our morals and what we are willing to do to compromise both regardless of whom we  may hurt or damage by

our reckless behavior.  That, ladies and gentlemen boys and girls is the mission of our party and the destiny of our nation and our World!

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"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the Right answer."
John F. Kennedy

"We are Americans first, before any Party affiliation, so let's restore the Principle that American leadership must act first in the best interest of what is good for America.
Regardless of the question, the answer that leads toward rebuilding the Family is the Right answer."
Dennis Andrew Ball